PT Girls Lacrosse Club Coaches 2021

U8 Assistant Coach

Katie Novelli

U10 Assistant Coach

Krista Openbrier

Krista played lacrosse for Bethel Park High School. She is looking forward to teaching the kids how to play lacrosse and working together as a team

U12 Assistant Coach

Lauren O’Brian

Lauren has a long history with lacrosse. She started playing lacrosse in 8th grade and played in multiple All-Star games. She has coached for 8 years, started the youth program for BP before moving to PT, and has served numerous positions on 2 lacrosse boards. Both of her daughters have played lacrosse too. She has a Coaching Education Program Level 2 Certification for lacrosse. Lauren is very excited for this season and is passionate about teaching fundamental lacrosse skills and sharing her knowledge of the game.

U12 Assistant Coach

Lisa Douglas

Lisa is very excited to be a part of PT Girls Lacrosse! She started her lacrosse career her freshman year at PTHS. She then went on to play at Ohio University during her freshman year. Then she co-founded the Ohio University Women’s Club Lacrosse team and played for 2 years. She is happy to return to Peters Township lacrosse in a coaching role to help support an amazing youth program.

U12 Assistant Coach

Brent Yates

Brent has been a sports fan his entire life. He wrestled at Drexel University in college and has been involved with girls lacrosse for the last 5 years with his daughter, Abby. He coached the U10 team at Bethel Park for two years prior to moving to Peters Township where he continued to coach. His goals with any team that he helps coach are consistent improvement and creating an environment that is enjoyable for the athletes to compete in.

U12 Assistant Coach

Pat DeNardo

Pat became involved in lacrosse back in middle school growing up near West Chester, PA, playing in a youth league.  He went on to play both in high school and college.  After graduation, he had the opportunity to help coach a high school girls’ team in Lancaster County, PA.  Since moving out to the Pittsburgh area, he has enjoyed having his daughter take up the sport as well.

U14 Assistant Coach

Sam McVicker

Sam started playing lacrosse at age 11. At the time there were no teams for this age group, she attended clinics and camps until high school. As a player at PTHS many years ago, she assisted in developing a program within the Township for middle school aged players.  She went on to play at the collegiate level for a year at Goucher College in Towson, MD. After transferring schools, she opted not to play, but missed the game immensely! Many years later after coaching her kids through soccer and softball, she is excited to return to lacrosse.  She looks forward to helping further the development of the U14 players.  She will strive to create a competitive and fun environment where the girls will learn how to be an integral part of a team both on and off the field.

Tia Mussitsch

Tia is very excited to be coaching this season! She has played lacrosse since fourth grade and all throughout high school. She was also a Varsity Captain her senior year!  Tia fell in love with lacrosse as soon as she started playing and hopes to inspire the girls that she coaches to feel the same way.

Mara Rayburg

Mara is a Peters Township grad who has been playing Lacrosse for the past 10 years, with her career starting in 4th grade when she joined the Peters Township Lacrosse Club. She continued playing for Peters throughout high school as a midfielder, and was voted a two-year varsity captain in addition to earning All-WPIAL honors her senior year. She played for Pittsburgh Premier Lacrosse Club for 4 years as a defender, and is now a Sophomore at Ohio State where she is an active member of the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team. Through coaching, she hopes to help these girls set a strong foundation for the rest of their lacrosse careers, as well as spark the same love of the game that was ignited in her at their age.

Sarah Kronket

Sarah is a 2013 graduate of PTHS and fell in love with lacrosse in 5th grade and was in this very same program herself! She played throughout high school for Peters winning a WPIAL under Kristin Slemmer. She coached PT U14 for two years before relocating to Columbus, OH for her job. She loves lacrosse for many reasons, but there two that stick out the most. First, being what it has taught her on and off the field. It’s taught her how to communicate, how to work hard and go after something that you want. It has also taught her discipline, leadership, accountability and most importantly that it’s okay to lose. The second reason why she loves this game so much is the people and the relationships that are formed and last. You really do become a family and it’s so fun to see relationships grow within the team and coaches throughout the seasons. Her coaching philosophy at this age level is to take the approach that winning is not necessarily the first goal, but improving skills, knowledge of the game and learning how to work as a team is. When you have those things and when you are having fun doing it, winning will be the end result! Now that her job is bringing her to the Burgh, she’s looking forward to getting back into coaching and joining the youth program again. In her free time, she loves to cook, workout and spend time with family and friends!

Natalie Cocco

Natalie has been playing lacrosse since 5th grade. She grew up in Peters and is currently playing lacrosse at Marietta College as a rising junior. This sport has genuinely been her biggest passion and she’s so excited to be able to turn that passion into something beneficial for the girls and help them succeed and have so much fun doing so. Being a lacrosse player has taught her so much including discipline, leadership, sportsmanship, etc. Her coaching philosophy is all about having fun, but also being able to be serious when needed and be able to learn and grow as people and athletes. She couldn’t be more excited and grateful that she has the opportunity to coach these girls!

Player Development Manager

JB Wilcox

JB did not grow up playing lacrosse. He learned the sport while attending the Naval Academy. He and
his wife got involved in lacrosse when their children started playing in the spring of 2003 and they have
been involved in the sport ever since. He has coached both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse at all levels, from
kindergarten through high school. He has a Coaching Education Program Level I Certification for
lacrosse. His whole family loves the game. His wife, Audrey, is currently the girls’ varsity lacrosse head
coach at the high school, and 3 of their 4 children played lacrosse in college. His coaching philosophy is
simple. He wants lacrosse to be the best part of every player’s day. It should be fun! He teaches sound
individual fundamentals and team play. Above all, he believes in “Honoring the Game.” That means you
respect the game, and that you play it with same purpose and reverence that the Native Americans
played it with. Honoring the Game means that playing the game the right way is more important than
winning. It means that a worthy opponent is something to be cherished. It means always respecting
your teammates, opponents, coaches and officials. And maybe most importantly, it means that lacrosse
is a TEAM sport. Individual accolades or statistics mean less; how you treat people, both on and off the
field, how you play the game, means more.

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